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Saltmarsh Welsh Lamb brought to you by Howells the Butchers serving South and South West Wales, UK
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The unique flavour of Saltmarsh Welsh lamb

Wales has many miles of low-lying grazing land on it's beautiful coast and estuaries that provide the perfect environment for the production of Saltmarsh Lamb.

The unique vegetation that grows on this grazing land that is affected by salt-water imparts a light subtle flavour to the meat. The high salt level on these pastures encourages moisture retention in the muscle cells which further enhances the taste experience. Saltmarsh Lamb has long been a recognised delicacy in Europe and this Welsh product is proving very popular among high class restauranteurs and quality retail outlets. Saltmarsh Welsh Lamb

There is a seasonality to the production of these lambs. The main season is from May to October, when the greatest quantities are produced. A wide range of cuts are readily available and individual specification can also be catered for.


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